For International Customers

<For International Customers>
You can purchase (watchshop L) products from overseas. We have introduced WorldShopping service who will purchase on behalf of you and deliver it to your doorstep. With support available in multiple languages, feel free to visit our website and enjoy unlimited shopping in (watchshop L).

<International Shipping>
1.When you access the website from overseas, the “WorldShopping Cart” will be displayed automatically.

2.Add your favorite items to the WorldShopping cart.
Click “Add to Cart” of the WorldShoppinng banner to proceed to buy your favorite items.
The cart will only appear for items that can be purchased from your country.
→Explore WorldShopping Guide for More details.




WorldShopping appreciates your interest in our services. For all important inquiries, questions and concerns please contact the WorldShopping Customer Support Team.

WorldShopping Customer Support will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with your needs . Thank you


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